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Village Ladies Filling Their Water Pots.

As I have mentioned Earlier Rajasthan has shortage of Water due to Desert and thus Regular water supply misses in the Villages.Just to meet the solution Govenrment has planted some handpumps each in a Village and whole Village has to take the water from this pump only.I just wanted to share the life they live Simple yet so royal.

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Ladies Taking the Tree Woods To Home

In India Kitchen Gas supply is limited to some specific area.Even there is not elcetricity in some villages.But Life doesnt Stops here.Villagers collect the wood from jungle and burn them to cook food and light in night.Men go to farm in day time and in day time ladies generally collect the wood.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Taking Water Pots to Home

Rajasthan a place where water is treated as Pearl.It is because of Desert water supply is not addequite to fullfil the requirement of people.Government has developed some reserviors and handpumps in some villages but not in all.So ladies walk many kms daily to take the water from the pump or reservior.Hat's off to the Brave Indian Ladies.

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Indian Snake Men

These people belong to a community known as "Sapera".They capture snakes and trained them.

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Me With Wedding Boy

On Extreme Left is My Friend Kunal,Center Wedding Boy and Right Hand Side Me.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Me In Rajasthani Turban and Dress

This is me in Traditional Rajasthani Turban.I Wore it in the Wedding of my Friend on 4th Dec.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Window Shopping

Ladies in Festival enjoying window shopping.