Monday, November 30, 2009

Turban Month-Rajasthani Turban # 30

Dear All,
Today is the last day of Turban Series.I really appreciate that you all liked the series so much.I Would be more than happy to show you what you all want to see.So please let me know what should my next series be about? It should be Culture,Traditions,Festivals or any other thing.Please note your suggestions are highly appreciated.Thanks for your support.



  1. Along with the interesting turbans, you have many fine portraits of the faces below the turbans as well. Do you have any interesting stories about these men as well?
    Three Rivers Daily Photo

  2. As a woman, who have never been to India.... I would like to see women, where are they, at work, at home or somewhere else??
    I love Indian food, I love the colors you use in turbans and clothes.
    I have already seen photos of many nice temples etc.I am happy to see more from daily life, and I look forward to it. Thanks for sharing interesting information in both text and photos.

  3. It has been a terrific series, Bharat! Thanks for sharing. I had no idea turbans were such a big part of Indian life for men, nor did I realize they came in so many different colors and shapes.

    I liked the mustaches just as much, too!

    Methinks you probably have a lot of ideas yourself as to what to show us...I'll be happy with whatever you decide.

  4. I have appreciated this series and I think that everything pertinent with dressing is a sure success. Gunn White is right about to see some women, but I find interesting everything you post.

  5. I like animals and animals in art, but I agree that your posts are always interesting. I like to be surprised.

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