Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fort Gate-Ranthambore-Rajasthan

This photograph is taken from Ranthambore Fort.Ranthambore Fort is one amongst the top Fort in Rajasthan.Huge walls and powerful pillars give an amazing look to the fort.To know more about the place click here.


  1. I've its photos on That is really amazing place, so mysterious and wonderful..

  2. Looks like a magnificent fortress! Keep those great photo postings coming, Bharat!

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  5. wow this photo looks really cool. i bet this building is very old but yet very strong. i just wish they would build more buildings like this. its a classic.

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  7. Cette construction est impressionnante et me glace un peu par sa sévérité.

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  10. Namaste Bharat! Be sure to see the good looking couple posted TODAY on the Eagan Daily Photo blog!
    I'm waiting for you to begin your Jaipur Daily Photo posting again.....
    Kind regards from your blog coach

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