Sunday, February 28, 2010

Elephant Festival is Coming.

Dear All,

Today is the last day of February an i hope you all enjoyed the "Musical Month Series of Rajasthan".

Jaipur City Daily Photo Blog always tries to show you something different and really appreciated your Great Response towards Turban Month,Rajasthani Women Series and Musical Series of Rajasthan.

This Month would be celebrated as an "Elephant Festival Month" and i would be sharing the images of Beautifully decorated elephants.

I hope you would enjoy the series the way you loved the previous ones.

In India tomorrow we are having "Holi" which is Color Festival and my wishes to all for a Lovely,Peaceful and Happy Life.



  1. And the same to you! I've certainly enjoyed the various series you shared with us. Recently, for some reason, I've read a number of articles in magazines about your part of the country - invariably they speak of how beautiful it is and of all the great sites to see!

  2. Thanks, was really a wonderful photographic series very interesting!

  3. Namaste Bharat! I remember photographing guys covered in pink Holi powder out a car window last February while I was in Bangalore. After a couple of photos, they threw pink Holi powder at me - they had very big smiles on their faces after they zipped by on their motorcycles! At that moment, I guess I joined the Holi celebration, too! Ha!
    Bring on the elephants!!!!

  4. Wishing you the same - love, peace, happiness. I look forward to the elephants!

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