Thursday, September 10, 2009

Amber Fort-Sheesh Mahal(Palace Of Glasses)

This Photograph Is Taken From Amber Fort-Jaipur And This Place Is Known As "Sheesh Mahal" In English "Palace Of Glass".This Place Was Built By King Man Singh Ji In 16th Century And Completed In 1727 Which Was The Foundation Year Of Jaipur-Rajathan.This Whole Wall Is Completely Carved With Beautiful Paintings And Flowers And That Too Made With Pure Glass.The Reason Why It Was Made Of Glass Was,The Queen Was Not Allowed To Sleep In Open Air During The Ancient Times But She Loved To See The Stars Shining.To This The King Ordered His Architects To Make Something Which Could Solve The Purpose.To This The Architects Made A Room Complete Of Very Small And Big Glasses.After That They Burnt Two Candles And The Relfection Converted That Small Light Into Thousands Of Stars In Those Small And Big Glasses.This Was How The Queen Became Happy.Previously This Room Was Open For All But Now Entry Is Restricted As People Has Spoiled The Glasses By Breaking Them.But Still From Outside We Can See The Amazing Glass Work.Would Like To Share With You The Amazing Technology And The Excellent Work That The Old People Used To Do...Great Jaipur,Great India...


  1. What an amazing solution! I would love to see the room at night with one candle lit. Must be magical.

  2. What a grand fort! The inlay work in India is beyond compare! Super!

  3. Incredible! Did you show us this section before in another photo? Or perhaps there are other structures made the same way.

    Whatever, it is certainly a beautiful place. What great artists they were that did this!

  4. took a lot of pictures of this and the rest of the amber fort when I was theere in October. I love Jaipur and have friends there.


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