Monday, September 14, 2009

Birla Temple-Lord Krishna

This is known as Birla Temple made by Mr B.M Birla.This temple is made up of white marble completely.He also pledged that by the time he will be alive the work on this temple will never stop.Thats why till date from the date of construction everytime something new is done in this Temple.Behind this is the Fort of Her Highess "Gayatri Devi".


  1. This is so beautiful, and what strange contrast with the dark building (the fort?) in background.

  2. That's a gorgeous temple! I'm showing my ignorance here, but is it dedicated to a particular god/goddess?

    And it will never actually be completed? Very interesting.

    I wanted to say "Thank you!" for your special comment on Ocala DP today! That was very nice and much appreciated!

    Have a wonderful week!

  3. A beautiful temple indeed! The white marble is beautiful - I wonder how it's affected by the air pollution?

  4. A nice looking temple. I guess there is still much for me to see in Jaipur


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