Monday, September 28, 2009

The Royal Villagers Of Rajasthan.


  1. A very good portrait that makes me think that you could change the dresses and find the same guys here, on bench, with the same attitude.
    Probably with the same poses!

  2. Three distinguished looking gentleman that were beautifully captured.

  3. Great portrait of those three guys! Why do you called them royal?

  4. I am fascinated by this photo...

    The clothing and shoes - identical. The man on the left - what is he holding? Is he talking into a phone?

    What are they doing? Just relaxing. Or were they at some kind of event?

    Why are they called "Royals"?

    You don't have to answer all this, but these are some things that came to mind.

    And I don't think they're so old! ;-)

  5. Excellent. Caught the moment and the atmosphere well.

    Warm greetings

  6. You ever seen the movie Lagaan? These guys could come straight out of it

  7. Hey thats a really nice picture..

    Captures simplicity...

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  8. Bharat: This has to be one of your best pictures. I'd try to chat with these guys but my hindi sucks.

  9. This is a good one. Three old friends sitting around doing nothing, and having a great time.


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