Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jaipur City Daily-City Palace

City Palace Jaipur

This building is known as City Palace and is one of the most finest Palace of Rajasthan.It has got Seven Stories and Each one is built by different Rulers as per their convenience.There are some rooms where walls are having pure Gold on them.This building now is owned by His Highness Mr Bhawani Singh Ji.

Fees is 35 Rs for Indians and 150 Rs for Non Indian.

Best Way to Reach is Auto or Cycle Rickshaw.

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  1. It looks like a truly amazing palace. I guess "His highness" is the decendent of a Maharaja?

  2. Yeah, there is always that price difference, Indians, non Indians... I am a PIO, and still have to pay the non Indian price. Not fair.
    Anyway, superb picture! Jaipur is such a beautiful place!

  3. That must be a fascinating palace to visit especially if it was built on by many rulers and designers. The architecture and design must be varied too!


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