Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Victory Festival.

On Monday we had the Most Famous Indian Festival "Vijaya Dashmi" which means The Victory Festival. Years ago our Lord Shri Ram fought with the "Ravan" and killed him and it is said that on that day all evil powers were destroyed as "Ravana" was the King of all those powers.In pur street only few little Kids designed a "Ravan" and were about to fire him.The left Shri Ram with Bow and Arrow and the Right one is Laxman Ji.The Kids dressed up like them.I just caught the moment.


  1. Timing is everything! Looks like those boys were really having a fun time!

  2. Nice and FUN!
    I just looked at the boys eyes, and it shows that they are having a great time :-).

  3. This one brought a smile...so cute.

    I'm wondering if most people actually believe the various gods are "real" and have miraculous powers?

    Thank you so much for the award...I shall post it later today when I have a bit more time. Your plaudits mean a lot to me and I'm very grateful!

  4. Funny and very peculiar this photography. Slight three personages…

    Warm greeting

  5. great pix. I think the picture tells so much about the culture and religiopn.


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